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Tax returns

 Income tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax

Tax returns… an annually recurring burden that Vastrecht would like to take off your hands. For us tax returns are a continuous cycle consisting of the following elements:

  • Vastrecht takes care of your tax return.
  • We keep your refund or assessment at the expected final amount by continuously adapting the provisional assessments that the Tax and Customs Administration imposes – on your own initiative or on request.
  • In case of questions or a difference of opinion, Vastrecht will raise the subject with the Tax and Customs Administration on your behalf. We strive for a compromise, but if necessary we certainly would not rule out legal proceedings.
  • Vastrecht provides you with insight into your finances on an annual basis. We do so based on a financial dossier containing as many fixed data as possible. This dossier enables us to act decisively in specific situations, such as in estate planning, divorce or death. 
  • If necessary, we will request your healthcare benefit, housing benefit, childcare benefit and information on how you can spend your personal care budget.

Vastrecht does not hesitate to take things a step further. For example, we can help to eliminate years of backlogs – a so-called “fiscal clean-up”. We put right tax debts that have arisen due to taxes imposed based on estimates that were far too high. That is what we call cleaning up!


Workshop for kids

We have developed a workshop to provide children of customers with insight and help with the tax return. This workshop is for:

  • Children who, through estate planning, have more to declare than just their part-time job, or because study costs are deductible.
  • Children who can become entangled in healthcare benefits that they think they are entitled to, which is not always correct.

If you want to make your child self-reliant with a little more knowledge, a workshop might be a nice idea.

The following will then be discussed:

1. Filing a tax return yourself;
2. What should go in there;
3. Usefulness of a will;
4. Usefulness of a cohabitation agreement when the time comes;

And possibly also:

1. Buying the first house;
2. Perhaps the basics of entrepreneurship: some children (also) experiment in that area during their student years, and the tax side sometimes remains underexposed, with all the consequences that entails.


We give this workshop once a year. You can register by email: info@vastrecht.com.

Workshop voor Start ups

Start-ups take note! We offer a good workshop for you. We offer this workshop for €35 per time.
Register and we will invite you.

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André Zwijnenburg

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Harriët Poolman


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Willemijn van Sandick

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