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Tax advice

Vastrecht can provide recommendations for external advisers in any fiscal subsector. Moreover, Vastrecht can act as intermediary between you and your current advisers, such as your lawyer, notary, accountant or bank..

Vastrecht provides custom tax advice on:


  • business succession
  • your own private limited company (BV) and all consequential matters
  • mergers, take-overs, split-ups/divisions
  • salary structures
  • tax subsidy schemes
  • sales tax
  • social insurances
  • audit supervision
  • returns for all types of taxes


  • 30% schemes
  • emigration, immigration
  • redundancy matters
  • succession planning
  • divorce
  • returns for all types of taxes

Divorce usually is a complex situation, which does not only involve finances, but also (especially) emotions. By separating finances efficiently and effectively, you have one less thing to worry about. Vastrecht maps out what must happen and provides one or several suggestions for preparing the division (based on the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and/or as outlined by your attorney/mediator). Sometimes we are called in by the attorney/mediator involved, but sometimes couples find their way to us even before an attorney or mediator steps in. We can come a long way together.

Incrementally, or due to circumstances, you have acquired wealth. In that case, you may have many questions… Are my assets properly divided between private assets and public assets? Should I start transferring assets to my children? I´d like to do something for charities, but how do I give in the manner? Vastrecht will gladly help you. Also when there are specific matters, such as estates falling under the Dutch Estates Act, foreign property, undivided estates, etc. Vastrecht would be happy to be your regular consultation partner.

I have a valuable art object that I´d like to use to pay inheritance tax utilizing the special rules that exist for that purpose. In cases such as these, Vastrecht often works together with art consultant and valuer Van der Meer Mohr.

It may happen that you get entangled in a web of tax debts. Vastrecht will be happy to assist you in arranging a debt management scheme with the Tax and Customs Administration for a feasible repayment schedule, a collections claim (decision not to recover a debt for the time being or definitively) or even remission.

Large debts also often go hand in hand with an administrative backlog, possibly with data getting lost or otherwise. In that case Vastrecht will be happy to help you sort out your administration. Once that is done we can begin talks with the Tax and Customs Administration about remediation. But also in case of other creditors, apart from the tax authorities, Vastrecht can be of service.

In some cases a client may need more assistance than is usually provided in our line of business – help that is outside our expertise. It is not in our nature to look the other way then. As some of our clients – senior citizens or start-ups, often financially not very strong entrepreneurs – have already experienced, Vastrecht can give an extra helping hand in those situations too. In addition to assistance with annual returns, you may count on support in the following fields:

  • (Control of) payment transactions: assistance in making payments, checking and organizing bank statements;
  • Support when you consult with the bank about (redemption of) mortgages, other debts, or investments. We are not investment consultants, but if the bank wishes to confer with you as client, our presence may be helpful as we understand the language the bank is speaking;
  • Support when you discuss your testament (is it still up to date?) and succession planning with a civil-law notary;
  • Assist in filing a claim for medical expenses with your insurance company;
  • Keep other non-life insurance policies (property, home, car etc.) up to date. We are not insurance advisers, but we can keep your insurance documents in order. In consultation with professionals we can see whether your insurance policies need adjustments;
  • Assist in putting an estate dossier and emergency folder in order.

Practice shows that many entrepreneurs benefit from a more in-depth discussion about their business operations. Due to Vastrecht´s – and in particular innovative entrepreneur Willemijn van Sandick´s – wide experience, we are an excellent sounding board for entrepreneurs who would like to spar about their options. In some circumstances, the relationship develops in such a way that Vastrecht is asked to act as executor or mediator.

Family Office

The Vastrecht Family Office services the high-net worth entrepreneur or individual who wants to delegate the management of their assets. Vastrecht Family Office is available if you need a single advisor to take care of all your business concerns and also acts as the main contact person for your other advisers. Vastrecht Family Office can assist you in arranging any legacy matters.
Vastrecht Family Office ensures coherence between the financial, fiscal, legal and banking aspects of your asset management. We do this in consultation with your other advisors, such as your banker, civil-law notary and asset manager. With our help, questions like these are no longer a concern to you.

The Family Vastrecht Office consists of Willemijn van Sandick, Ad Smit, Andre Zwijnenburg and Harriet Poolman. We are here for you and with you, precisely when it matters. That is the essence of the Vastrecht Family Office.

Family Office questions

Disposable capital

I have capital. But how much do I actually have to spend? Taking into account:
a. Size of my earnings,
b. Business plans,
c. Reserves for poor investment years,
d. Reserves for old age,
e. Reserves for years with high costs (children in college, care in old age),
f. My wishes regarding the transfer of wealth during my lifetime (e.g. to help children obtain a house);

Solution: Vastrecht maps out your current and desired spending pattern.


I’m looking for someone who can act as executor for my inheritance impartially and expertly. Perhaps I need someone who can serve as administrator for any underage or young adult heirs, or an authorised agent, to be named in my will.

Solution: Vastrecht regularly performs these functions. 

Making inheritance tax friendly

I know approximately what my inheritance will be and who will be my heirs. How do I ensure that my inheritance reaches my heirs in a tax-friendly manner?

Solution: Vastrecht provides an answer, taking into account other aspects than only taxes. For example, you might want children only to have access to the capital from a certain age (25? 30?)

Organising the inheritance

My assets include inheritances with the requirement to pass them on, assets of which only I have usufruct or fideicommissary assets which I must keep separate from my other assets in order to be able to pass them on. How do I keep things separate and orderly so that no puzzles will be left behind when I die?


Solution: Vastrecht can carry out the required administration for you.


I am getting married. Because of my family assets, I would like to make special arrangements with my future spouse. What should I be concerned about?

Solution: Vastrecht considers all aspects with you, from the philosophy of preservation for the next generation.

For entrepeneurs

I am an entrepreneur It is all going well and is under control (perhaps Vastrecht takes care of your administration and declarations?). But what happens to the company if something suddenly happens to me?

Solution: Vastrecht maps out with you what should happen and then arranges, where possible, with powers of attorney, legacies etc, how it will proceed.

Zakelijke post

I have lost my overview because of all the business mail.

Solution: You can specify Vastrecht as a postal address to all authorities.

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Andre Zwijnenburg

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