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Tax advice, -returns, administration and Family Office

Vastrecht always works personally and from a full-service perspective

Tax advice & Family Office

For entrepreneurs and individuals

Tax returns

For entrepreneurs and individuals

Business administration

Also for payroll administration


…is a small, high-quality business that provides advice and tax returns in all fiscal areas. In addition we provide complete business administration services. All Vastrecht advisers have a solid fiscal background – a definite quality guarantee. Moreover, if required or more efficient, Vastrecht does not hesitate to bring in external expertise, such as an attorney or notary, or even an external tax specialist. Our Vastrecht advisers are part of diverse collegial networks. By exchanging knowledge and partaking in joint professional studies, such networks provide the opportunity to increase the quality of our work. Because no matter how well we can handle a calculator, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy: Through cooperation, we achieve more.

What we represent:


All Vastrecht advisers have a thorough background in tax affairs – a definite quality guarantee.


Vastrecht stands for dedication: seriously committed to working towards set goals and not stopping until they are achieved.

Fixed prices

At Vastrecht making fixed price arrangements are possible for every assignment.
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